The American Made Difference

The American Made Difference

There is a lot of talk about 'Made in the USA' and the choice on the surface may seem easy... of course, Americans want to support their country, but the price and accessibility to American made products can be deterring to a lot of consumers. A survey done by Visual Capitalist found that 65% of U.S adults claim to sometimes buy American made and 43% prioritize doing so. Most people understand the benefits that come with the 'Made in the USA' tag, but why should someone make it a priority to purchase it?   

1. You create DOUBLE the impact on our local economy 

American made products lead to a surge in small business growth. Small businesses keep the majority of Americans employed. Almost 80% of the jobs in America are generated by small businesses. You're not only creating jobs when you purchase a 'Made in the USA' tag, but you're investing in our local economy. For every dollar spent on U.S. manufacturing, there is a $1.89 economic return to the U.S. economy. On the contrary, for every dollar spent on imports, there is a $0.55 economic return. That's double the impact! 


2. You take a stand for stricter state and federal restrictions that protect employees and the environment 

U.S. manufacturers are held to a higher standard than the majority of manufacturers overseas. These regulations typically restrict carbon emissions, ensure proper chemical management, require appropriate waste disposal, and guarantee employees are being treated fairly. Supporting American made is supporting these regulations.


3. You eliminate excessive transportation emissions 

American made products travel a much shorter distance, eliminating transportation emissions. The supply chain of American made products removes the use of cargo ships, making a drastic difference in transportation emissions. It's estimated that one cargo ship amounts to the same annual carbon emissions as 50 million vehicles, accounting for nearly 3% of the world's total annual emissions. For products made and sourced from overseas, the supply chain from raw material to finished product is extensive. For American made it's just a few states away!  


4. You purchase less in the long run 

The United States is known for being a quality product leader. American craftsmanship is unbeatable! This means your American made products are going to wear and tear less and last you longer.   


We all know it's better to purchase 'Made in the USA' when you can... who wouldn't want to support something made in their country? But with only around 3.5% of apparel worn in America being made in America and other similar statistics in other industries, we know consumers may have a hard time accessing and affording American made. Since 2017 we have been on a mission to bring make American manufacturing by selling premium, competitively priced, apparel that is ALL Made in USA, no exceptions! By ordering from us you, your business, school, or non-profit organization will be wearing the new American brand reinforcing your patriotism and showing support for American industry.