Corporate Holiday Gifting Strategies To Implement This Year

Corporate Holiday Gifting Strategies To Implement This Year

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! The holiday season is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and show appreciation through corporate gifting. Did you know that 57% of employees want to receive a gift around the end of the year? ( Blackhawk Network Study ) High quality and thoughtful gifts can positively impact an employee's motivation and job satisfaction. It shows that they are valued and strengthens their connection to the employer. Here are four strategies to implement and help your corporate gift stand out! 

  1. Plan ahead 

Avoid waiting until the last minute to plan and order corporate gifts. You don’t want to leave the impression that the gift was a second thought or have your gifts arrive too late. At Authentically American our corporate gifting deadlines are the following to receive your order by December 15th:

*If you need items earlier backup the dates accordingly

October 13th: Last day to start a two week flash store

October 30th: Last day to close a flash store

October 30th: Last day for bulk orders

November 15th: Last day for sock only bulk orders

November 20th: Last day for sticker only bulk orders

2. Add branding and customizations  

Showcasing your brand’s logo on gifts will not only be a cost effective way to advertise, but also will remind the recipient of your company when they use the gift. All items in our product portfolio are customizable to your logo/designs. Schedule a call today with our team to discuss how we can make your corporate apparel ideas come to life. 

3. Choose quality over quantity 

Gifting a good quality item will be cherished long after it was gifted. When it comes to quality, you can’t beat U.S made. By ordering from Authentically American we can ensure that you are getting long lasting and comfortable apparel!

4. Be thoughtful 

Make your gift stands out and don’t skip out on the packaging! Making the gift presentable and more exciting to open will enhance the gift and make employees feel extra special and appreciated. 

Embrace the holiday season and the impact of corporate gifting. Show your team how valued they are with U.S made: 

Check out our holiday gifting guide for what we can offer.

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