From Farm to Closet: How Is Your T-Shirt Made?

From Farm to Closet: How Is Your T-Shirt Made?

Who doesn't love putting on a soft and comfy tee? A good quality tee is a wardrobe staple! When it comes to cotton tees the decision between American made vs. overseas should be easy... the U.S. is the 2nd largest producer of cotton in the world, no cotton shortage here!

Learn how our soft and premium American made tees are made in 9 simple steps: 

1. Farm: Cotton is grown on American farms

2. Gin: Cotton fibers are separated from their seeds in a Cotton Gin Machine 

3. Spin: A series of machines turn compacted ginned cotton into yarn

4. Knit: Spun yarn is turned into cloth by pulling loops through one another

5. Finish: The fabric is dyed to a consistent color, shrunk, and softened 

6. Cut: Bodies and sleeves of the shirt are then cut from the fabric 

7. Sew: Each piece becomes attached by using 7 different types of sewing machines 

8. Print: Our unique designs are screen printed onto the tee 

9. On its Way: Lastly, the finished tee makes its way to amazing customers like you! 


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