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Unpacking The Story Of Authentically American 

Darrell Waltrip is in the NASCAR Hall of Fame and one of the greatest and most popular drivers in history. A three-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion, he has won 84 Cup races. Darrell is now a lead commentator for NASCAR on Fox Sports and recently became an investor in the company Authentically American.

Dean Wegner is the founder and CEO of Authentically American. He is a West Point graduate and served seven years as an officer, helicopter pilot, and Army Ranger. They both are with us to unpack their faith, careers, and Authentically American.


  • How God brings people together.

  • Why Dean Wegner started Authentically American.

  • Why Darrell Waltrip became an investor.

  • The story behind the prayer breakfast Darrell was a speaker.

  • Why Darrell ended up near Nashville, TN.

  • Lessons from the first year of business running Authentically American.