Vets Who Code

Vets Who Code is a reintegration solution for veterans that believes in the principle of "To Teach a Man To Fish" to better prepare early stage transitioning veterans for returning to the workforce. Many veterans are not homeless, but are un- and under-employed. Some have a deep desire to be independent business owners. Their skill sets are desperately needed to enhance local economies and to drive innovation. Vets Who Code serves as a launch pad for our veterans and military spouses.

At Vets Who Code, we take a small cohort of veterans and spouses twice a year and over the course of sixteen weeks train them in programming with a deep focus on Javascript, the language of the web. We do this all remotely using the best tools and resources the tech community has to offer. We do this at zero cost to the troop beyond them contributing to one of our teams and helping each other become better programmers.

A portion of each item sold will go back to Vets Who Code.