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Create and employ American jobs by buying this shirt. Authentically American provides 100% American Made products.   Join in the 1 million who preserve 100 years of American history, "Americana The Chopper™ (built by OCC).” 

Provide SHF “A Help Up, Not a Handout” in their mission.

Represent "A Proper Depiction Makes All the Difference," by joining this movement.

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SAVE Home Front (SHF)

Mission statement

Provision of an opportunity system for, U.S. Veteran careers "A help up, not a hand out."


A world where Military Veterans and Community Neighbors understand their equal value, through the accurate depiction of one another.


A help up, not a hand out, in life after the uniform.


A proper depiction makes all the difference

Your benefit:

As we continue you to eliminate bias, stereotypes and improper depiction, it will affect you as a Community Neighbor (Non-Veteran) or Veteran. If it doesn't affect you it will benefit someone you care about directly or indirectly. This vision is how we open the doors to a global conversation for all Veterans. 

Either being hired as a Veteran or feeling comfortable hiring Veterans. SHF working with you will help to create a thriving economy and give equal opportunity for all career fields being an option for Veterans.

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