Our Vision,

Our Mission,

Our Values


Our Vision

Build an iconic American brand that is truly American made.

Our Mission

Create American jobs and build a profitable business that is a great place to work.

Our Values

  • Patriotism: we are a brand that celebrates patriotism and honors our American heroes.   We are passionate about creating American jobs.  Everything we produce is Made in USA, no asterisks or exceptions. 

  • Customer: we are a customer-centric organization which puts the interests of our customers at the forefront of every action and decision we make. 

  • Quality: when a product is adorned with our vintage US flag logo, it must represent the absolute highest level of quality. 

  • Respect: we treat our own Team, customers, suppliers, business partners, even those who may disagree with our position, with dignity and respect. 

  • Teamwork: we foster a collaborative partnership philosophy internally and with our customers, suppliers, and business partners.  We build for the long term.

  • Giving Back: we believe it is the American Way to be “giving back” and supporting the community in which we live and work. 

  • Ownership: we all behave and operate as owners of the business. 

Our Promise and Guarantee 

We believe in the American worker and stand behind our products.  Every product is guaranteed, no exceptions.  If you are ever dissatisfied with ANY Authentically American® product for ANY reason, return the item to us (within 30 days) and we will make a comparable exchange or refund your money in entirety.

The Story Behind our Logos

Authentically American Vintage US Flag Logo® - Red Stripes and Blue Stars.jpg

This external visual recognition of Made in USA flag is meant to help reinforce the patriotic equity of your company and organization.
Now just pick your custom color and location on each garment to complement your company/organization's logo and then you too can proudly say you wear "Made in USA"!

Authentically American® Stamp Logo.jpg

Once manufactures could proudly stamp “Made in USA” on all their products, where now very few can proudly display that mark. Well, now you can wear that stamp with honor when you buy any of Authentically American's high quality, truly made in America products!